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To partner with donors as well as health agencies to assist our communities across the country to safely assist the healing of those in critical condition due to the COVID-19.  Thank you to the many who gave blood, platelet, and plasma and scheduled upcoming appointments. The need for blood, platelet, and plasma donations remains critical.  Contact us to make a donation appointment to ensure a stable supply is available throughout this pandemic.





How can I find reliable information on COVID-19 (coronavirus) for my community?  With an onslaught of news and global information on the coronavirus pandemic, it can be challenging to know where to turn for reliable, up-to-the-minute information and to understand how it impacts your community. To help you better assess the news and information surrounding the virus we are looking for tools that can help you determine how you understand how it may impact you.   Where there is a vacuum of  tools, our volunteers have taken the initiative to develop the tools that will fill the vacuum.  How can you help?

     > Review and comment on preprints related to COVID-19

> Develop tools to mine data and simplify queries




Medical and public health needs related to the response to economic uncertainty impacting vulnerable populations, the COVID-19 pandemic is creating unmet needs above and beyond the usual.  If you are in a financial position to do so, and you are consider making a donation to directly help combat the COVID-19 pandemic.  We can help guide you on how and where you can make the greatest difference by supporting medical needs as well as  serving the population affected by the virus in your community.

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Your time, talent and kindness can make a real difference in people’s lives.

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I have no words to express my gratitude for everything you did not only for my dad and making this miracle happen so fast but for so many other people I know you have helped. I know you have been talking to my cousin and I understand you are on a mission to save lives. You have definitely been an INSTRUMENT OF GOD. My dad is stable, fighting the good fight since through your intervention and God’s grace he received what he needed the most. For now I am spreading the word and looking for donors that can assist in this mission. I want to help you in any which way to make a difference

Eternally grateful

~  Maria Moral

During the 45-minute process at a Pompano Beach location, where OneBlood’s bus is collecting plasma, Mangus said he kept thinking about patients in the intensive care unit.  “This isn’t a situation that they are guaranteed to survive -- but what they are guaranteed with this donation is hope,”

~ Mangus

I want to Thank Paul J Laroche from #healasone. Today I witness never to loose my faith . As I was being told yesterday my Mothers blood pressure was very low and I was asked to go visit her through a glass today ? , not knowing if it will be my last . Here came Paul and made a miracle happen. The hospital had days waiting for Plasma because it’s a process like everything else . Paul spoke to me last night at 11:15 pm he had heard I needed Plasma and was willing to HELP , by 2pm today the Plasma had been received and by 7 Pm my mom had received the treatment . We all know it’s a waiting game because it’s a tryout but my heart is content because I know I did what I needed to do as a daughter . PLEASE If you know anyone that has tested positive and has recovered from the COVVID 19 and can donate and save a life do not hesitate In contacting : [email protected] . Helping one another is the only way to avoid all these deaths . At least we try. ??

~ Grateful Daughter

This is an Innovative, compassionate and very humble solution.

~ Juana

You three have made such a difference in my life in just 24 hours.  I have to share the best news I’ve had in awhile with all of you amazing people! My father had a plasma transfusion today from an anonymous donor! I can’t thank the thousands of people who have shared my post individually, but I do have to say that this has changed me. I am beyond grateful for the outpouring of kindness and the generosity of family, friends and complete strangers in this crazy quest. I wish that I could thank each of you, and I wish that I could hug each and every one of you for taking the time to help my father. I still want to encourage anyone who has recovered from this horrific virus to donate plasma and possibly save someone’s life. Thank you to Paul Laroche and his amazing team at Heal as One for being an advocate and giving me hope when I was starting to lose it. They worked feverishly to help locate and arrange a plasma donor for a complete stranger, and I am forever grateful. Please email them if you need assistance at [email protected].

~ Melissa